Friendship Relationship Messages

Friendship is a beautiful bond that exists between two people whether they are friends, couples, lovers or spouses.

Friendship relationship messages are exchanged amongst such people to express their love for each other and to tell them that their friendship relationship is valued.

These messages are framed politely and sweetly to be sent to a friend.

Sample Friendship Relationship Messages

  • [blockquote]The friendship relationship that I share with you is a one so pure. Our bond will last forever; this is a fact of which I am so sure. You are not just a friend to me but like my brother to be.[/blockquote]
  • I just love every part of this relationship. I consider it more than just a friendship. To me you are so important and the moments spent with you are always filled with love, laughter, joy and excitement.
  • This friendship relationship is bliss. It is your esteem presence and those funny things in you that I deeply miss. No matter what; we will be friends forever and I promise that I will cheat you never.
  • A friendship relationship like ours surely takes time to build from few seconds to several hours. This friendship is full of bliss and your presence is what I always miss. 

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