Friendship Relationship Quotes

Friendship relationship quotes are the quotes which express the importance of friendship and are used to teach value of this relationship to people. These quotes can be sent through many means such as by email, SMS, with cards and with flowers etc. Given in the following lines are a few examples of friendship relationship quotes which can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Friendship Relationship Quotes:

  • Of all the relationships that one encounters in the period of life, there is no relation which is as precious and special as friendship. This special bond makes our lives rich and so worthwhile and without friends, life seems meaningless.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]Friendship is a relation which is not influenced by the distance between the friends but by the closeness of the hearts. This is a precious relation, which is even more valuable than the most expensive diamonds. [/notice]
  • Hold on to your friends as it is your friends who make life wonderful and make us feel special. It is our friends who stand by us in tough times and do not leave us even during difficult phases.
  • I promise today, to be your friend forever as this relationship, which once starts knows no end. I love you dear friend and will stay by you forever.
  • [blockquote]You are my strength in the darkest of moments and you are my anchor when my ship loses it balances. Friendship is a power and is the most wonderful gift from god.[/blockquote]
  • You may have many relatives and you may have a lot of people who love you, but no one can replace the importance of friends in life. I love you my dear friends and will value you through life.
  • Friendship is a gift, friendship is a sweet song,

Friendship is shade on a sunny day, friendship is rain on a hot afternoon.

You are special my friend.

  •  Friends are selfless creatures who make our lives just so wonderful by just being in it. Friends hold us when we fall, they support us when we stumble, they love us when we are alone and they protect us when in danger.
  • Friendship is the greatest strength in the world which doesn’t break even under the hardest of forces.
  • May our friendship be an example for everyone in the world. God bless our relationship and may we always remain friends till the end of eternity.
  • Today, through this messages I would like to tell you that I value you a lot. Love you dear friend.

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