Friendship Request Messages

Friendship request messages are those messages which are sent by a person to another in order to request him/her to become the sender’s friend or accept the proposal for friendship.

These messages must be sweet and simple in nature. One must be honest while writing friendship request messages. Given below are a few samples which can be used as friendship request messages.

Sample Friendship Request Messages

  • [blockquote]May I have the pleasure of being friends with the most beautiful girl of this world? Please accept my friend request and agree to be my friend without any regrets.[/blockquote]
  • I am really interested to have friendship with you. Let us together make this bond of friendship exciting and new. Please accept my friend request!
  • [blockquote]I have been noticing you and your actions for so many days. I think we can be best friends because I have got similar ways. I want to be your friend always, please accept my friend request and promise to stay![/blockquote]
  • I always wanted to have friends like you. It seems that people like you are so few. I wish to start a bond of friendship with you, please accept my friend request, I assure you that I will keep you happy all through.
  • [blockquote]Hi this is a friendship request from a person who is longing to become your friend from past 5 years. I really want to be your friend dear. I promise that I will hurt you never, let us be friends forever?[/blockquote]
  • I am sure that you are going to be a cool friend? Let us start a friendship bond that would have no end?
  • I will never let sadness come over your face and would try my best to be a great friend. Please accept my friend request.
  • Please accept this request from a person who wishes to be your friend and support you in good and bad times alike.
  • I will stick by you and would try to make you happy all the times. Please be my friend
  • [blockquote]This message is written to request you to be my friend and as I promise I won’t let you down.[/blockquote]
  • Life is tough at times and I promise I will be there for your forever to support you in these times. So please accept my friend request.
  • I hope you consider my friend request and consider me worthy to be your friend.
  • [blockquote]This message is coming all the way from my heart to request for your friendship.[/blockquote]

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