Funny Friendship Short Messages

Friendship is the most beautiful and amazing relation two individuals can have with each other. Funny friendship short messages are those short and compact messages that we all make use of in writing to our dear friends. The messages are humorous and can accommodate a wide range of meaning or feelings as the central theme of the messages.

Sample Funny Friendship Short Messages

  • The crazy nights, the crazy silly jokes and the crazy pranks make our memories. Actually all the crazy things I do are because of you my crazy friend.
  • We keep fighting for the bigger piece of cake, the smaller piece of homework and the single sup of coffee. And though you always loose, we still remain friends.
  • It is amazing how our friendship is based on the most awkward of conversations, the most inappropriate form of sense of humour and the endless teasing.
  • I commend you dear friend for being able to keep up with the fast,7 smart and sexy human being like me for so many years without developing any complexes. Ha! Ha!
  • Good friends like me do not let you do anything without thinking it through, and I am too tired I jump in the stupidity with you.
  • Dear friend you are just like a wedgies, you are intimately close to me but still are a pain in the ass, which is why I am happy I picked you out.
  • I wish I could be as lucky as you are in finding amazing, dashing, clever and talented friends like you found me. But I guess I have to make do with you and my stupid luck.
  •  You my dear friend are the craziest person I have ever known, but I still love you. So hope you’ll love me when I tell you that I totalled your car.
  • I love you to the core my dear friend, but it is high time that I told you that you aren’t funny. So please stop cracking the PJs and making a fool out of the both of us.
  • The strangers who meet you think you are quiet, a few of your friends think you are out going but only get the pleasure to experience the truth that you are completely insane.
  • It’s the funny friendship we share where all nighters mean not leaving to pee, where cakes are meant to beautify the face and everything in life is to be shared no matter what.

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