Can Funny Friendship Text messages actually make someone happy?

Friends are the biggest source of peace in our lives. Come what may, if something bad happens you can always cling to them. Pals also need you all the time.

They need you when they are sick and feeling low. So, include some humor and empathy in your funny friendship txt messages, to cheer them up.

They have to be written right from the heart in the most jovial tone possible.

  • You didn’t think of me when you brought that new dress. So, that I could have brought one similar to it too, it’s a joke right.
  • [blockquote]I miss you. Wherever you are, think of me as being near to you. I really crave for the pleasurable times we had. So, missing me while chatting? I am on an invisible mode.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]So, if you feel like talking to me, I am here. Let me listen to your woes and frustrations. Tell me about the cool chick/hunk, who has just joined your office. Yah, I have heard about him/her.[/blockquote]
  • So, have you any plans for this weekend. Let’s hang out together. Let’s talk about your promotion and how can you get it. I know a way.
  • Have you ever thought why being me helped you being slim? It’s because you were never became sad and ate too much.
  • So, if you are sick or feel that you are so lonely in the world, talk to me. I will rush to be near you as soon as I can.

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