Funny Friendship Text Messages

[blockquote]As technology developed, the best way to convey our friendship messages is through mobile text messages. These text messages do make our friends remember us all time.[/blockquote]

Most of us do not have that ability to make others laugh, but now it’s possible by sending funny friendship text messages to our friends.

[blockquote]I wish our friendship lasts for a longer time and ends only when you can see an apple in an orange tree which is being eaten by a dinosaur on 31st of February[/blockquote]

When does a friend become a best friend? When his dialogue I care for you changes into I will get rid of you if you don’t care for me.

[blockquote]Friends can be compared to shoes, some are tight some are loose, some just fit us right, but they will help you walk the whole of your life. Friend, thanks for being my size.[/blockquote]

A best friend should have the following qualities, he should be cute as a crow, smart as an elephant, active as a turtle, fit as hippo, intelligent as Isaac Newton. No doubt you are my best friend!

[blockquote]Friend, you are one of the best heart surgeons in the world. You made a place in my heart without cutting or spilling blood. I am so lucky to have a lovely killer as my best friend[/blockquote]

If you are angry with your friend, then just put aside your egos, hug each other and say to your friend, “I need you to at least fight with me”

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