Funny SMS Messages for Friends

Friends are the ones we share our lives, sorrow and worries with. They are also the ones we crack most jokes with. The funny SMS messages for friends are the messages which are exchanged between friends via the medium of SMS or text. These messages must be humorous in nature and should be able to make the recipient laugh or smile.

Sample Funny SMS Messages for Friends

  • You have chosen me as your best friend and there is nothing I can really do about this tragedy of my life.
  • Dear friend I promise to be a part time actor pretending to be your lesbian lover whenever you want to get rid of the creepy guy hitting on you.
  • Whenever anyone troubles you, just go ahead and punch him with all your strength. I’ll be right behind you with my running shoes on.
  • When you like a girl just let me know dear friend, because if I hit on her first she will never even give you shot.
  • Growing old with your friends is the most amazing part of life, where actually growing up may completely skip the equation.
  • I can trust you with my deepest and darkest secret, but when it comes to my lunch, my chocolates and the girl I am planning to hit on, all the trust vanishes.
  • As your friend it is my duty to listen to your endless drama over and over again. And also reserve the right to smack you when it’s finally time to move on.
  • Sometimes I feel that I could not handle your multiple personalities even if there was a manual to handle you m dear spastic friend.
  • Dear friend I promise that I will always be there to pick you up whenever you fall. But that will happen just as soon as I stop laughing my heart out and embarrassing you.
  • They say that friends are the siblings that the almighty forgets to give us. Well after meeting you I feel I was better off alone. He! He! Love you dear friend.
  • I was having a pretty crappy day until you came into the picture and made it all the crappier.
  • I am thinking that if true friends are like diamonds, why aren’t you worth anything when I take you to the jewellers.
  • Please dear friend learn to appreciate what you have, value me and you shall realise the true worth of your otherwise crappy life.

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