General Friendship Messages

General friendship messages are the usual messages that can be exchanged amongst friends for any defined purpose. These messages are the general message and cab be sent casually or generally to a friend.

The tone of these messages is kept simpler and polite to be sent to a friend and can be sent according to a stated reason or a purpose.

Sample Generally Friendship Messages

  • For a friend like you, I can do anything that makes me to. I love the way we hold our friendship and I deeply cherish this relationship.
  • [blockquote]Ever since we are friends, I have promised to be with you in your rises and bends. You are the one who is so dear to me and you are the one who is so charming to be with.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Our friendship is such that it will last forever. No matter what we will always be together. From the falling moon to the rising sun, we will have the best of joys and fun.[/blockquote]
  • This bond of friendship that I have with you is the one that is so honest and true. I love to be with you and the way you say “I am always there for you”.

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