Inspirational Friendship Messages

There are many relationships that exist in this world, yet friendship is the most beautiful of them. We would always consider our friend’s words before doing anything and these words are like an inspirational force for us.

An inspirational friendship message from our friend will motivate us to do more

[blockquote]Not sure as to how long I am going to live, so am not giving any vague promise that I will be your everlasting friend, but I shall be with you till I die.[/blockquote]


Friendship is God’s gift and is a feeling which comes true and sincere from deep inside the heart.


A true friend is one who stands with u both during sad and happy moments and moreover supports u from behind when we are totally down.


Friends are an absolute necessity of human life and friendship is something which everyone holds it special and close to heart.


[blockquote]Friendship is like a network which has no activation or roaming charges, absolutely free and which comes from deep inside the heart, only thing is make sure that we don’t switch it off completely.[/blockquote]


Friendship is like a feeling when we stand on wet cement, longer we allow it to stay, more difficult it becomes to leave and you can never go away without leaving your footprints on it.


[blockquote]We can never force someone to love us dearly, only thing is we can remain as someone who can be loved by others and rest remains upon the person who realizes our worth.[/blockquote]

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