Long Distance Friendship Messages

Sometimes due to some circumstances friends shifts and settles into different cities. To avoid the loss of contacts and conversations, they tend to stay in touch by the exchange of messages.

Such messages that are exchanged between two or more friends living in two different cities or countries are called as long distance friendship messages

Sample Long Distance Friendship Messages

  • Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to loving a dearest friend like you. I have built a bond that I will always value. I miss you in the moments of my joys and laughter, no matter what; I am going to be with you forever.
  • Our friendship is the most beautiful bond and of you I am so fond. Though we are distance apart but our hearts will never part.
  • Our friendship can be best compared to a wine that gets better and better with time. Distance does not matter when you have made a promise to always remain at my side. Thanks for giving me such a precious friendship, I really admire this relationship.
  • In this purest form of friendship that I have with you, it’s not the distance that matters, it is the people who matters. I love you friend.
  • When I have such a precious friend like you, facts like distance are just too little things to be valued. No matter near or far, you will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Dear friend though I have to move to a different place for work but I wish to state that you will be my best buddy forever and I will be there for you whenever you need me.
  • [blockquote]I think I am blessed with a friendship which is not like a magnet, easy to separate with a distance. But it is like a wine that gets better and better with time.[/blockquote]
  • Distance is a best way to make me realize your importance, friend. I miss you and I promise that I will forever stay in touch with you.
  • [blockquote]Since now we both are in our own cities, I have concluded that in friendship it’s not the distance that matters but the people who matter![/blockquote]
  • Distance is just a silly thing to think and talk about when I have a friend like you who mean so much to me.
  • [blockquote]In my mind, distance and friendship are inversely proportional. The more far you go, the closer our friendship bond would be.[/blockquote]
  • Long distance friendship is the most painful yet beautiful because it makes you realize the worth of that pain.

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