Miss You Friendship Quotes

Friends are an integral part of lives for each one of us. We tend to exchange many type of messages with our friends to let them know that you value their friendship and they are being loved. Miss you friendship quotes are the thoughtful quotes that are sent to your friends to convey your “I miss you” wish and to tell them that they are being thought of. These quotes are framed with the feelings of love and care for your friends.

Sample Miss you Friendship Quotes

  • You are a dearest friend of mine with whom I want to keep this friendship for the lifetime. Whenever you are there with me, I keep on missing you all the time. I am in love with the way you care; this bond of friendship is the wonderful bond to share. I miss you.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]I am so fond of this friendship that I keep on thinking about the essence of this beautiful relationship. Dearest friend, thanks for always being there at my side during the thick and thin of my life, having spent time with you makes me feel happy and high. I love you dearest friend. I miss you![/notice]

  • You are a dearest friend who was always there to understand. I not only value the love that you do to me but I value the moments that made me happy and glee. I feel so blessed to be a part of this friendship, I miss you a lot.
  • Since you are going so far for your higher studies, distance will not alter the love that I have for this friendship. I am surely going to miss you in each and every moment of happiness and joy, dearest friend you are an integral part of my life. I will miss you very much.
  • Whenever I am at home, I miss you for all the moments of fun that we have shared. Whenever I am with you, I miss those moments when you have made me feel so happy and blessed. Your friendship is the bond that I value, you are a dearest friend and I miss you.

[blockquote]I miss the way you assure me that you will always be there. I miss the way you fill my days with positivity and cheer. This friendship is a bond that I will cherish forever, I am so happy to have you as a friend my dear.  [/blockquote]

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