Mother’s Day Friendship Messages

Mother’s day friendship messages are the messages that a sender sends to his mother on mother’s day to express his love for his mother and making her realise that she is his friend too.

Such messages are written to tell a mother that you are not just a mother but also a comrade. The messages must be written in a very sweet tone to greet your mother on mother’s day.

Sample Mother’s Day Friendship Messages

  • [blockquote]Mom, on this mother’s day, I will celebrate my friendships day too. It is because you are my best friend in this life and I dearly love you.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]I do not want to miss an opportunity to let you know that you are my best friend mommy. You are one who always greets me with open arms when I need a hug and stated your heart when I needed a friend. Happy mother’s day![/blockquote]
  • Mom, you are not just a mother but a friend to me forever. You have stood by my side in every decision that I took and that is the reason I consider you my friend with every possible look. Happy mother’s day!
  • [blockquote]On this mother’s day, I want to thank you for your immeasurable contribution as a mother and as a friend in my life. Happy mother’s day.[/blockquote]

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