New Friendship Messages

Friendship is something which exists beyond ages. We do not get into a friendship for only a shorter time period, but we expect our friend to be with us till the end of our life.

Friendship messages are the best way that we can choose to express our feelings for him.

[blockquote]True friends are like parts in a puzzle, it can never be completed if you lose one. I just want to let you know that you are one among those precious pieces in my life which I can never afford to lose.[/blockquote]


You are really very special to me my dear friend and I really mean it from my heart. Believe me, my message has no artificial flavors and no additives, it contains only natural flavors mixed with love, care and sweetness but not as sweet as you are to me.


[blockquote]I consider you as a friend that really cares for me from heart, the one with whom I can share all my secrets and who understands me from deep within and who is always ready with a helping hand[/blockquote]


You are my friend because you are always there for me, both in sadness and happiness, you are there for me at mornings, noon’s, nights and at all times with your valuable advises and cheers me up and make a wonderful world for me.


All friends are like delicate flowers in one‘s life, they blossom, dry and fall away but I like to be a cactus in your life, keep poking you always so that you remember me forever.

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