Random Friendship Messages

Friendship messages are the messages that can be exchanged amongst people to tell them that they are valued a lot as a friend. Random friendship messages are such type of messages that are randomly delivered to your friend.

The tone of such messages is simpler and casual. The messages are written with the feeling of love for your friend and are sent to him randomly.

Sample Random Friendship Messages

  • [blockquote]A random thought stuck about you. It was a thought of our friendship that is so fresh and true.  I really value the friendship that I have with you and I will cherish every day be it old or new.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]As I was sitting in a garden, I remembered the days of our friendship which were no less than staying in heaven. Your funnier presence and your all time love, I feel so blessed to have a friend like you from the Lord above.[/blockquote]
  • It was a random thought that stuck in my mind. Having a friend like you was the difficult thing to find. You have now become an integral part of my life and I will stay with you at all the times; even when you fall or when you rise. 

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