Romantic Friendship Messages for Her

There are many friendships in the world which change to relationships of romance and love. In such cases, the friends may wish to exchange romantic messages with each other through text, social networking sites or emails. Romantic friendship messages for her are those types of messages which a boy writes for his friend to express a romantic thought or feeling.

These messages must be brief and not too lengthy in nature. For your reference, a few samples and examples of such messages are provided below.

Sample Romantic Friendship Messages for Her

  • You came into my life as a friend and then the love bug hit us both. This love bug has totally made me fall for you and go crazy about everything you do or say. Hope this love lasts forever and so does our friendship.
  • Friendship may be a very sweet gift from god but what I really cherish is this amazing romantic affair and relationship that we share. I love the way our friendship has transformed after all these years and how it has shaped up.
  • I miss you my dear friend, I miss everything about you. I wish I could see you, I wish I could see your smile.  I thank the gods for introducing me to someone so beautifully, both physically and mentally.
  • Your friendship has changed me and made me into a better man. I wish we could be together forever and take this beautiful relation to another level. Do you feel it too?
  • When I look at you, I see years of friendship gone past and a new flower budding from this amazing relationship. I feel like there is something more between us than just friendship. I think it is love.
  • We started off as friends and grew into lovers. Our relationship of love grew into something more mature and we have come all this way to become partners.  But still I see you as my best friend and buddy for life. Cheers to our friendship.
  • Friendship and love often go hand in hand. And in our case, this is so very true. We may be best friends but we have also managed to be lovers. God bless our relationship.
  • The best thing about our relationship is that after all these years as a couple, we have managed to be best friends. We have shared our happiness, our sadness and our deepest secrets so well.

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