Romantic Love Friendship Messages

Friendship messages are most commonly exchanged to express fondness for your friends. Romantic love friendship messages are the love filled messages that are sent to your friends, to shower your love in a romantic way. These messages are sent to tell your friends that they are valued and are special to you. Such messages should be expressive of the true meaning of friendship that you carry in your heart for your friends.

Sample Romantic Love Friendship Messages

  • My day gets wasted if I do not get to hear a “hey” from you. I am so fond of you and I want this friendship to always remain this true. I promise that I will always be there for you, I love you.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Thanks for making me understand the true meaning of this friendship. Dearest friends, I have experienced each and every aspect of this beautiful relationship. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such loving and caring friends like you, people like you are so rare and few. I love you.[/notice]

  • It is not just a friendship that we share, it is the bond made with the utmost feelings of love, emotions and care. Dearest friend, I promise you that I will always be there for you to understand. I would like to thank you for all those moments when you encouraged me at the time of my bend. I love you.
  • This friendship to me is the most special bond. Dearest friends, I really love you all and of you I am so fond. I promise that I will always be there to lend you my shoulder, we will be friends forever.
  • A hug is a gentle promise in our friendship that we shall never part ways. We are dearest friends and we will be there for each other always.  Lots of love for you my dearest friend, I feel glad when you deeply understand.
  • I wish to express my profound love for a dearest friend of mine. Our friendship is such that I think about you all the time. I love you for all the moments of joys and happiness; I am missing our moments of mess and togetherness. I love you friend!

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Dearest friend, without you my life would have been so incomplete. When you are there with me, everything appears to be so easy and sweet. I cherish this bond of friendship, this is the best relationship. I love you. [/notice]

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