Sad Friendship Quotes

Friendship is a wonderful relationship between two people that is based on trust, support, love, faith and understanding. But sometimes, friends have to see sad days of separation or fights.  In such situations, exchanging sad friendship messages called sad friendship quotes is common. Sad friendship quotes are quotes about friendship which are sad in tone and nature. Given in the following lines are a few sad friendship quotes which anyone can use for reference.

Sample Sad Friendship Quotes:

  • In the world that we live, we often have to face situations of sadness and fights, but even in such scenarios, we must learn to trust our friends however mad we are at them.  I am your friend and will remain so even if you do not talk to me.
  • Ever since my best friend has gone away, my life has become sad and low. I don’t feel like smiling as only my friend can bring that smile again. So come back John because I am incomplete without you.
  • Friendship is a journey which is made by two people who understand each other and support one another in happy times as well as sad. But I didn’t expect you to leave me on this tough road and seeing you leave makes me so sad.
  • I don’t want to say goodbye, but I don’t have a choice,

I will miss you presence, your jokes and your voice,

When you talk, that’s the only melody, everything else is just noise.

  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] When friends stab each other on the back, hearts get broken and life becomes tough,

So promise me today that you shall never leave me and I promise the same to you my dear friend.

  • When you walk away, I become sad,

When you don’t talk, everything things bad,

I am sorry for my mistakes, please don’t be mad

Forgive me my friend, you are my best lad.[/notice]

  • [blockquote] Life is tough without no friends,

The days are long, the nights never end,

Without my buddies, life is difficult to spend,

If you come back, to you my heart I would lend.[/blockquote]

  • I cannot imagine my life to be such a happy journey without my friends at my side,

I am sure everything will be sad if my friends move away and lose touch. So let’s promise to each other today that we will keep in touch with each other, no matter where we are and what situation we are in.

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