Christian’s funeral messages

Funeral is the time when everyone gathers to show there love towards the one who has gone and support towards the family. This is the time to console the family and help them over come the phase of life that they are in and make them look at the other side of life.

Sample Christian’s Funeral Messages

  • [blockquote]Knowing you mother was a great experience and I know that she was close to your heart but it is important that you start take life the way she wanted to as she will be happy to see you as a matured young man who can handle life in the best possible way. I will pray for her soul.[/blockquote]
  • Since the time I was young I have known your grandma and could never make out if she was your granny or mine. Her unconditional love towards everyone can never be over looked. May her soul rest in peace.
  • [blockquote]There are a lot of situations that we face in our life and this is one of the most difficult one. May you and your family get the strength to over come the situation and move along with the lovely memories or your mother.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]We will never be able to forget your sister as she will always be in our heart. I will pray to God to give you the courage and strength to over come the situation.[/blockquote]
  • All I want to say is that at this point in time you are not alone. We are and will always be there for you.

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