Funeral Arrangement Messages

Funeral is a time which is marked by remembering the life and deeds of the person who has departed away. On the day of funeral of a person, certain arrangements are to be done.

The messages that are sent on the day of funeral or before that to make all the necessary arrangements are called as funeral arrangement messages.

Sample Funeral Arrangement Messages

  • We are sending you a flower arrangement along with this message so that our loving thoughts may embrace the bereaved.
  • [blockquote]May you take a comfort in knowing that all the funeral arrangements have been made. Please be there at the funeral ceremony by 5:00 PM sharp.[/blockquote]
  • For sustaining memories of our lovely sister, we want you to help us in making some funeral arrangements. Can we have your support and flowers to ease the situation?
  • [blockquote]The funeral ceremony of my mother should be celebrated with divine purity and Godly procedures. Can I have your assistance in making all the necessary funeral arrangements?[/blockquote]
  • I have met this funeral day for the first time in life. Can you please help me with its arrangements?
  • With heartfelt request and sadness, I request you to kindly help me in making all the funeral arrangements.

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