Funeral Card Messages for Brother

Funeral is a sad moment in anybody’s life. Condolences give moral strength and support to that person. Usually condolences are sent to people who are close to you.

Funeral card messages for brother are such messages that are sent to a brother when somebody, who is precious part of his life is no more.

The tone of such messages usually expresses sadness and it should be in such way that should provide them with relief from sorrow.

Such message can be sent through SMS, e-mail or greeting cards. The following messages can give you an idea as to how such messages can be framed.

Sample Funeral Card Messages for Brother

  • [blockquote]My dear brother, life is the greatest gift that god has given us. Death is only a bridge towards eternal life with god. Certainly, heaven is rejoicing for another soul has finally reached his home![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]My dear brother, there comes a time in life, a time of death and embrace eternity. A time to cherish one’s memories and a time to meet them someday in the heavens! We all will pray for our aunt and may her soul rest in peace.[/blockquote]
  • I sympathize with you greatly, on loss of your dear ones. May her soul rest in peace. And, may you soon get over your grief my dear brother!
  • My dear brother, those who are gone will always be loved and remembered. My sincere prayers and wishes are always with you!
  • [blockquote]Though, your loved ones are no longer with you, But, just as a picture that stays all through, her beautiful thoughts will always remain with you my dear brother![/blockquote]
  • You have lost her. But my dear brother she was with you I know she cannot be replaced. I wish you recover from your grief soon!
  • [blockquote]At this moment you are not alone my dear brother my thoughts and prayers are always with you my dear brother. Deepest sympathy from the core of my heart![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]As echoes of the past drift into sight in waves, like the ocean they freely come and go with a gentle glimpse of memories of times my dear brother! May soul of aunt rest in peace.[/blockquote]
  • When someone you love becomes a memory, as time goes that memory becomes a treasure for us my dear brother!
  • May the caring, support of family bring you a strength. Sharing in your sorrow at the loss of someone special my dear brother!

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