Funeral Card Messages for Mother

The funeral card messages for mother are sent to the person who has lost his/ her mother. Such messages are written so as to convey your condolence and give moral strength and support to the person at this difficult time. Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Funeral Card Messages for Mother

  • [blockquote]Although it is difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memories may help you come out tomorrow my dear friend! We miss your mom too![/blockquote]
  • I know your most precious moments are with your mom and it is difficult to forget it and I know you are alone now. I am there for your support my dear friend!
  • [blockquote]You can overcome all the problems; you are the person who taught me not to lose confidence whatever the reason may be. Be brave my dear cousin! I miss your mom too as she was a great lady.[/blockquote]
  • The body dies, but the soul never leaves. Your mother is here and she is watching you. Be strong my dear friend!
  • [blockquote]Mother is only the person who taught us to talk, walk and follows in our entire path. She feels happy when we reach goal. She supports in all our difficulties. Though she is not her to guide you, but she will be always there in your heart. Our deepest sympathies are with you[/blockquote]
  • I know that I can’t fill the place of your mother. But I am there with you always. If you will be sad it will hurt her and she will not be set free!
  • As time passes, may beautiful memories restore the joy that has been taken from your heart. Our deepest sympathy is with you and your family ! I miss your mom too!
  • [blockquote]No matter how old we are, losing mother is one of the deepest sorrows, a heart can know. But remember that her goodness and love will always remain with you.[/blockquote]
  • I was shocked to hear about the death of your mother. It is not only your loss but loss to all who were around her as she was a great lady who looked after all her loved ones. May her soul rest in peace.
  • [blockquote]I know, no words will give you comfort in this time of sorrow, but always remember that your mother wanted you to always be happy and smiling. You have to be strong for her. We are there with you in this tough time.[/blockquote]

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