Funeral Card Messages for Wife

The funeral of someone close is a really sad occasion and everyone attending a funeral of their relative or family member needs support of their friends.  To extend support to a friend or relative on the funeral of his wife, a funeral card is one of the best ways. A funeral card message for wife is a message which is written on a card to convey condolence to a friend or relative on the funeral of his wife.  These messages must have a sympathetic tone.

A few samples of funeral card messages for wife have been given below and can be used by anyone for reference purpose:

Sample Funeral Card Messages for Wife

[blockquote]When I got the news, my heart broke and I felt deeply sad and disturbed. I am really sorry for your loss and hope that god gives peace to the demised soul. May god be with you in this difficult time and remember that I am just a call away.[/blockquote]

  • Your wife’s death was come to me as a shock. She was a beautiful lady and I always remember her smiling and happy. May god give her peace and may she rest in heaven. Please be strong and do not lose faith in the almighty.
  • On the occasion of her funeral, I wish to tell you that I am there for you always and you can call me anytime you want.  May she rest in peace and I am sure wherever she will go, she will be smiling.
  • The news of Mrs. Timothy’s accident has shaken me up and I am very sorry for your loss. But please do not be weak and remember that me and all your family are there for you in these difficult times.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]May God give peace to the departed soul.  Jennie was a lovely woman and a beautiful human being. I am sad that she has left us but I know she will always remain with you in heart and in the mind.[/notice]

  • When a loved one leaves us, it is a message from god that he loves the departed soul. So do not worry as Maria will be happy in heaven. May god give her peace and may you remain strong.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]The news of Carla’s demise has come as a shock to every one of us and I can understand your grief as I have gone through the same phase. Believe in god as he will make everything alright.[/notice]

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