Funeral Memorial Messages

Funeral memorial messages are those messages which are written for a funeral memorial service.

These messages must be related to the person who has passed away and the writer must make an effort to refresh a memory of the deceased through the funeral memorial message.

Moreover such messages must not be too lengthy. Given below are a few sample funeral memorial messages.

Sample Funeral Memorial Messages

  • My dear friend Jacob, I cannot even accept the fact that we have lost you so suddenly. Your loss is truly incomparable.
  • It was a great shock to hear about the death of my wonderful friend. May God give strength to all of us to bear this great loss.
  • Maria was a very cheerful and lively person, lighting up the atmosphere around her. May her soul rest in peace.
  • Being no more in this world is not an option we can avoid, but when our loved ones leave us suddenly we cannot accept the irony of the situation. Their loss is great for all of us. Dear Peter, you would always be a part of our wonderful memories we shared together.
  • Words cannot express the deep pain the loss of our uncle has brought us. We just wish his pain has turned to joy with God at his side.
  • Margaret patiently endured all the suffering her disease gave her and her strength throughout the entire ordeal was remarkable. She will always be a role model for us all. God bless her soul.
  • Death cannot separate us from our loved ones; they would live with us in our memories. May God help us to understand that Sandra is going to be with us always.
  • [blockquote]Jack was a great man. He was a friend, a guide and a guru for me and I shall always remember him for sticking by me at all times. May his soul rest in peace.[/blockquote]
  • Martha was a lady of strong will and strong character. She was a fighter and fought the disease till the end. May her soul find harmony.
  • [blockquote]It brings a smile to my face when I think of all the good moments I spent with Henry. He was a great friend and an even more lovely husband.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Tears are difficult to contain when I talk about my dear friend Billy. He was a cheerful person and it is difficult to believe that he is no more with all of us.[/blockquote]
  • Samantha was a gem of a person. She will be missed by all her near and dear ones.

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