Funeral Messages For Best Friend

Funeral messages for best friend is a form of expression to the guests in the funeral of how dear of a friend a person was to you. Since a best friend is one of the best person in the world whom you can find a home in times where you can’t find home in your own shelter or within yourself, losing a best friend would surely leave a scar that would greatly devastate you. This article will help you find the perfect words and phrases when you want to express how the loss feels but are at loss for words.

Sample funeral messages for best friend are offered here that you can use at your convenience without any cost. You may change some phrases and words in the message you choose below so that traces of your sadness will be palpable. This message can be written in a letter and given to someone whose knees do not shake if you think that you can’t stand up in front of the funeral guests for fear of breaking down and, thus not being able to express what you really feel. In crafting this type of message, there should be a recollection of the late person’s distinct deeds or feature common to all and how he or she lived the life with it. The tone should be melancholic, regretful, and sympathetic for the parents of lovers of your late best friend.

  • We are all gathered here today to weep as one of God’s most angel is reposes in the ground in order to rise again and be with him. Although I am happy for she finally gets to meet God, I can’t help but wonder how life is going to be now that I have lost my best friend. It saddens me greatly to lose a home who I thought was going to be there forever. When I will lie calmly in my deathbed I can only imagine all the regrets of this unforgettable day and how unfair it is for me to get to live so long while she was gone to soon. I know she would hate to see me like this for she has always perceived me to be the strongest guy she’s ever met, but even the strong guys even crumble when they lose someone they had always looked forward for another happy day.


  • Today I am no longer sad. If you see my crying as she is lowered to the ground please know that my tears are not products of sadness. They are rather products of emptiness which I think I will be scarred to my whole existence, and if there is a thing such as after life then I will be carrying this emptiness with me until I meet my late best friend there. I am not a believer of these in things but from the desperation of seeing him once more suddenly forces my mind to believe in the things I think are impossible to be true. I feel so empty that I no longer hurt from the loss of him. For once nature have finally caught up with my feelings. There are no clouds and the sky is bluer than ever– today is a fitting day to bury a very good man


  • There is no greater sorrow than losing the person who you think will be there forever through thick and thin. My best friend has always been a disappointment, to tell you honestly, when it comes to decision making, and even in his grave he continues to disappoint me by not being here when I need him most. Through thick and thin, huh? To me the sadness of losing him makes me lose my grip on my sanity. I thought good persons always go first in the after life, well I tell you my best fried is a very bad person. He was so bad in math, in english, and all the courses we took together except his deeds for they were always good. I have learned a lot good things from him that I had seen the various colors of happiness. Today he has shown me grief in its absolute form.


  • One thing I hate about people is how they release a friendly aura that makes you want to love them forever that you are suddenly filled with reveries of a future you want to happen, and just leave you alone when you think you are a day closer to that dream. To my lover and best friend, you have never cheated on me or do the things that breaks a lover’s heart but this. You left my heart broken, and I want you to be guilty and have the police officers arrested you for your finger prints are still here. If you are hearing my words as they echo in the afterlife I hope you are hearing this, I am alive but not living at all.  I wake up alive everyday  just to die a thousand times, and wait for another day to die a million times more.


  • As a human I still am utterly shock about the existence of sorrow and how it supremely reigns over you once you have a touch of it. We can always battle wage wars through it and win victoriously if we allow ourselves in doing so. I have to admit losing a best friend is one of the sorrows which you can wage a million wars yet it takes a significant amount of time before you recover the will to choose to be victorious over it. This is the first time I feel the weakest. My will in living is somewhere inside me which refuses to be found because it is deprived of a great reason as to what is there left to live? I have lost the person I value most, besides my family, and I can feel myself losing me in the process of recovering from the pain.


  • I have read many a tragic stories from the books on my shelves that have made me depressed for years. Now that it has finally dawned on me that I am one of the characters in that book who has lost the dearest of friends, I don’t know how many lifetimes would it take for me to finally move on from this depression. I realized now that heartbreak-induced depression are not read from the books, they are rather experienced. My condolences to the family of the demised who are also my second family.


  • They say it takes a lot of sadness for you to appreciate the joys that life had offered you but how can those joys be appreciated when they are lost in memory forever knowing that my only best friend is the who offers me the best things in life? I have been taught how pain makes us all human, but  why does this pain makes me think I am losing myself. Is losing yourself make you human? My deepest regret is not being able return the favorable deeds he has done to me and he doesn’t get to live long enough to make my dreams come true which is making him happy. This waterfall of grief has made a river and people have convinced me it’s shallow when they are the ones watching while I’m the one drowning. Condolences to those who share this absolute sorrow.


  • Before I start a word with my grief-induced letter I want to say my heartfelt condolences to the family who have lost an angel. I am sorry for myself for deciding to open up with someone who I thought would never become a part of me. I am so sorry for myself for this had me shed tears that my eyes are too dehydrated and would lose it’s purpose sooner than later because of endless crying. If only this world grants our wishes I would ask him to bring my best friend back, and if that is not possible then I will just ask for another pair of eyes so I can still cry and, thus, not hurt too much from this loss. The feeling of losing your best buddy makes you look for words that suffices such sorrow yet end up with nothing for now word can ever suffice this sorrow. To those who still have their best friends, I hope you cherish all the time– past, present, and future– because a friendship is indeed one thing that makes a world colorful when you think it’s all gray and blue.


  • I think all the pain that this world forces you into feeling them is necessary for purposes of individual growth. So why is this pain that I am and will be forever feeling causing me to shrink and makes me want to disappear. There is no growth for this suffering a loss of someone, no treatment will ever erase the deepest scar that I was destined to wear until it’s my time to be a part of earth. I hope all man do not suffer from this extreme anguish and, for those who have suffered, may we recover fast from this for (name of your best friend) would not allow us to weep in agony forever. May his/her soul be with our good God now.


  • I am usually the type of person who shrouds my feelings from showing to everyone. That person can no longer be seen for this affliction is already enough to make someone become transparent as what sheer ecstasy does to person like me. Lonely was I from the days of my early childhood until this dorky dude appeared in front of me and cited a line from a classic poem that I knew not a thing about, it was a weird encounter, too weird that I decided to make him as my best friend. Then my life changed drastically for he taught me to look for rainbows instead of where the direction of the wind falls. It’s all about where we choose to look see the bright side in it no matter how hopeless the case is. May we learn from this, especially in this circumstance, for him to live with us forever even if he is no longer physically with us.

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