Funeral Messages For Children

Death of a child is a biggest loss to parents. At this sad moment, relatives or friends send messages on the funeral ceremony of the children to cuddle and support the helpless parents. Such messages that are exchanged on the funeral of children are called as funeral messages for children.

Sample Funeral Messages For Children

  • [blockquote]On the funeral of this child, I ask all to pray for the parents who lost their cuddled child and a family who lost their asset. May they gather courage and find the balance between truth and comfort.[/blockquote]
  • I wish Lord could take my life instead of the life of my beautiful child. Nothing could be more saddening to me than to attend his funeral. May his soul rest in peace.
  • [blockquote]To lose a child you have brought in this world is a most devastating situation for you. On the funeral of this little child, we want to tell you that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.[/blockquote]
  • On this funeral of your children, I know our heartfelt sympathies may not lower down the pain. Please accept these peaceful flowers and try to hear what we are not able to say.
  • [blockquote]Can you all do me a favor to bless the helpless parents with your prayers? [/blockquote]

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