Funeral Messages for Cousin

Funeral messages for cousin are the messages that are sent on the demise of your beloved cousin. These messages might also be sent to your cousin to comfort him at the time of funeral of someone.

In both the cases, the messages are sent to convey your support, sympathies and condolences to the reader. The messages are framed with the heartfelt feelings to console the reader on a funeral day.

Sample Funeral Messages for Cousin

  • [blockquote]I always felt so lucky to have a cousin brother like him. I cannot believe that he is no more with us. He was an only source of my laughter, fun and happiness. May GOD bless him always.[/blockquote] Please know that we are thinking of you and your family.
  • Dear cousin, I understand that no words can repay the loss that you have faced on the sudden demise of your dearest friend. I know that bond that you shared with him and the love for him will never end. Try and be strong, accept our sympathies and condolences along.
  • I was filled from inside when I heard the sudden demise of your dearest cousin sister. I can recall the love and fondness that you had for her. Please take this comfort in knowing that we all are with you during this difficult time.

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