Funeral Messages for Friends

Funeral messages for friends are those messages which are written to a friend who has just lost a loved one and is holding a funeral to bid goodbye to the deceased.

These types of messages must be self written so that they can exhibit genuine and heartfelt emotions. Funeral messages for friends must be able to convey that the sender is extremely sympathetic and wishes to offer support to the receiver.

Sample Funeral Messages for Friends

  • My dear friend. The loss is irreparable. But do not worry. Time is a super healer. You are in my prayers always!
  • Your mom was truly an angel! I pray that you get back to normal very soon. Dear friend, be strong!
  • My dearest buddy! We cannot change the bitter past. But you now have an angel always with you! Be strong!
  • Your uncle was a man with charm! I truly miss him my dear friend. Hope god gives you strength to come out of the loss.
  • I know it’s a great loss my dearest friend! I sympathize with you. Your sister was a real darling. We will miss her too!
  • Some people will be loved by gods more than us. Your dad was loved by such gods. But don’t you worry my dear friend. I will pray for you to give enough strength!
  • Your mom meant a lot for you. A dear friend she was! I know it’s an irreparable loss and how tough it must be for you to bid good bye to her. Dear friend, we miss her too!
  • I hope you recover from the grief very soon. Be strong my dear friend. It is clear that god takes away the very precious thing but gives back something in return!
  • In these hard times my friend, may you and your family find solace and support .May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.
  • Your aunt was a very happy and jovial woman. I can never forget her. May her soul rest in harmony.
  • [blockquote]Uncle George was also like an uncle and father figure to me. It is quite hard to believe that he is no more with us. May his soul rest in peace.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]It is so hard to accept the truth about your father’s demise. Uncle was truly a brave man and his death has reduced one of the strongest men I knew from the face of the earth.[/blockquote]

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