Funeral Messages for Veterans

Funeral messages for veterans are such messages that depict condolence and are sent to the veterans as they have lost somebody who was a precious part of their lives

The tone of such messages is as though they express sympathy. These types of messages can be sent in form of SMS, letter, mail or any other form. Below mentioned are a few such messages that can be sent for the said purpose.

Sample Funeral Messages for Veterans

  • They can be felt through the memories.[blockquote]Comfort and prayers on the loss of your beloved person my dear grandma![/blockquote]
  • With deepest sympathy on the loss of your friend, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time my dear grandma!
  • My dear grandma what we have enjoyed in life we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us! Let god give you strength to bare the loss!
  • [blockquote]Death leaves a pain that no one can heal, love leaves a memory that no one can steal.[/blockquote]Hoping these words of sympathy will comfort you in your time of sorrow my dear grandpa!
  • There is a stairway which leads to heaven and your beloved ones has walked it and is now reaping his heavenly reward my dear grandpa!
  • Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one. But, life must go on and sometimes we have to live for others. Just wanted to know that I’m here for support, in whatever way I can my dear grandpa!
  • The sun has set on a beautiful life. You should know that your loved one will now be watching beautiful sunsets from heaven. With warmest sympathy to my dear grandpa!
  • My dear grandma, [blockquote]Memories keep the one you loved close to you in spirit and always in your heart forever![/blockquote]
  • Don’t say goodbye in thought or heart; it’s not farewell when loves part, though they pass on and aren’t in view, the love you shared is still with you my dear grandma!
  • May god be with you through your time of grieving and may your heart be at peace under the wings of your loved ones. Love you my dear grandpa!
  • My dear grandma, [blockquote]it is very painful to hear about the loss of your loved one.[/blockquote] I hope you find comfort and peace when you remember your loved one. My thoughts are with you at this saddest of times!
  • Even though your heart is heavy and your life turned up-side down, knowing that your loved ones has been called home and is safe there, should lighten your sadness and allow you to heal, slowly, day by day. With sincere sympathy to my dear grandma!

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