Funeral Note Messages

Funeral messages can be expressed in many ways such as prayers, blessings, poetry, readings, speeches etc.

Funeral note messages are such type of messages that are written as a note of remembrance to the deceased person and are sent to His family members.

Such messages are written sometimes to condolence the helpless family members during their difficult times.

Sample Funeral Note Messages

  • [blockquote]Sending you a flower arrangement along with this funeral note. Please know that you are being thought all this while in our prayers and blessings. Take care![/blockquote]
  • Kindly accept our memorial book sent to you along with this funeral note and take a comfort in hearing our unsaid words.
  • My thoughts and prayers are deeply with you. Do not feel alone at the funeral of your mother.
  • [blockquote]On the funeral of your brother, I am sending you a funeral note – May the peace and love that comes from His memories comfort you today and forever. Take care and pray for His blissful soul.[/blockquote]
  • With deepest sympathy, [blockquote]I am sending you a funeral note along with a flower arrangement to let you know that we are equally saddened by this loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers.[/blockquote]

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