Funeral Program Messages

Funeral program messages are the messages that are sent by the family members of the deceased soul to tell the relatives and the friends about the funeral programs and the scheduling.

These messages are the polite messages that can be sent by the family members, relatives or friends to make the necessary arrangement for the funeral program and extend their helping hand for the same.

Sample Funeral Program Messages

  • [blockquote]On the funeral program of Bob, we are messaging to let you know that we are here for any kind of arrangements, help or assistances that you may need. Please know that our heartfelt sympathies are with you during this difficult time.[/blockquote]
  • This is to inform you that the funeral program of Sandra is scheduled for 12th December that is Saturday. You are requested to mark you presence and bless the soul with your divine prayers.
  • [blockquote]The funeral program of Lilly is scheduled to take place on 23rd September. We request for your presence on the funeral ceremony to deliver your heartiest thoughts, prayers and sympathies.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]We have come to know about the funeral program of Bob. Please take this comfort in knowing that all the arrangements have been done for the program. You take care of yourself and your family members. We are with you during this difficult time![/blockquote]

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