Funeral Sms Messages

Sending a message says you care and you know that someone just had a loss in his life it becomes more important for us to show that we care and may whatever happen we will be right there and can be looked up on for any type of help and support.

Sample Funeral sms messages

  • [blockquote]Words are not sufficient to ease the deep sorrow in the loss of someone so special in your life. Condolences on the loss of a special person in your life![/blockquote]
  • Do not worry for the loss as you have an angel in disguise. I am always with you!
  • It is so sad to hear of the mishap. We too will miss her deeply. Hope god gives to immense strength to bare the loss!
  • [blockquote]Funeral is the toughest part of life and it is very hard to digest the fact. Please accept my genuine concerns and do not worry. Time will set everything right![/blockquote]
  • She was truly an angel and that is the reason god wanted her. We will miss her too. My sincere sympathies on the loss of a precious life!
  • [blockquote]He was truly a moral support and a hope for many. We will miss him as much as you do. I will pray god to give you very good strength to fight against the hard situation![/blockquote]
  • I am shocked to hear the news. May his beautiful soul rest and let lord give you the strength to come out of it. Do not worry as I am with you during this tough time!
  • [blockquote]I am sorry for what has happened and may god help you gather the strength to try and get things in a better form. I will pray to got to her you get the strength and after your father you are the one who will be look up on.[/blockquote]
  • I know that you have been going through a hard phase in life but this is the time to stand straight by your family and help them overcome the loss.
  • Mr. Thomas was a great man and knowing that he is not in between us breaks my heart. May his soul rest in peace.
  • No words can help you recover the loss that you have gone through. The sudden demise of you mom might have taken you aback. Will pray to god to give you the strength to overcome the situation.
  • [blockquote]I know that parents are like God on earth but due to the accident you have lost them both. It is important that you hold yourself together at this time so that your younger brothers and sister are well taken care off. Will pray for you and your family.[/blockquote]

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