Rest Peace Funeral Messages

On the day of funeral of a person, people send messages to the deceased person’s family members or friends to console and sympathise them.

Rest peace funeral messages are such messages that conveys sender’s message to the reader that the soul of the dead person may rest in peace. These messages are written with a strong heart and with polite words.

Sample Rest Peace Funeral Messages

  • Please do not lose faith in the Almighty. Death is the ultimate chapter that everyone has to go through. Your father will stay safe in God’s empire; we wish his soul rest in peace!
  • This morning seems darker than night. My granny has left me just a few hours before. The lullabies that she used to hum for me still echoes to my ears. Hope God will take care of my adorable granny. May her soul rest in peace!
  • Please do not mourn, I know it is easy to say but hard to do, but you have to stay strong, as you have to take care of your mom from today onwards to let your father’s soul rest in peace. Please take care!
  • No one word can heal you in such wintry night. Your mother was one the most graceful women I have come across. I hope her soul rests in peace!
  • May the soul of your wife rest in peace. It’s a tough time but you have to be string to take care of your children.
  • May your father’s soul rest in peace. Please look around; he has left so many good memories with you to smile upon as he leaves for the heavenly abode.
  • Death is surely a last chapter in the life of a person. May the departed soul rest in peace, now and forever.
  • [blockquote]My heart is filled with deep sorrow to be a part of the funeral of your brother. He was a kind hearted person. May his divine soul be blessed and rested in peace.[/blockquote]
  • Your departed sister will always stay in my heart and remembered in my mind. May her soul rest in peace and she acquires divine purity.
  • [blockquote]No words can ease the pain that you carry in your heart. We can just say that you are always remembered in our thoughts and prayers. May the departed soul rest in peace.[/blockquote]
  • Death is nothing but the change of world from living to eternity. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace forever.

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