Sympathetic Funeral Messages for Friend’s Mother

Human as we are we have this tendency to feel what others are feeling and feel a pang of regret or become joyous even though we are far away from experiencing their situation. If a friend’s mother had been declared as demised we sympathize for them and try as best we could to talk them about it so a weight of depression may be taken off his or her shoulders.

Sympathetic funeral messages are immensely helpful in keeping person’s spirit, suffering the loss of mother, lifted and, thus, prevent it from wandering aimlessly inside the halls of depression. Here are sample messages to surely help you out with composing your funeral messages which will definitely help your friend out from the loss of his or her mother. It is important to use a sympathetic tone for you to deliver this message effectively.

  • Hello, buddy, I have never experienced a loss which has the capacity to break an already fragmented heart, but seeing you so down has made me depressed to the bones. There is this special connection between me and you for I have suffered greatly upon your loss as well and this has affected my mundane activities as well knowing that my best buddy is not fine. Blues can be very addictive and I refuse that you’ll be addicted to it for your mother, if she were still with us, does not wish for it.
  • Please open your close heart, John, I came here to announce what a great mother she was. Even though I was merely your friend, your mother had always considered me as a son and for tonight let us allow ourselves to cry our hearts out till we run out of tears for your greatest loss is also mine to share with. Despite not being my biological brother, I will be your best brother and will always be here should you be troubled with the enigma that is life.
  • A loss of mother sure is one way to paint a technicolor-ed life gray in an instant. Claire, I know that this has been very tough on you for I know you fully well. I may not walk in your shoes and can’t feel the depths of your sorrows, but trust me I am infinitely saddened seeing you entranced with grief. Please let those who knock on your door come in for we are here to help you in any way possible.
  • When I heard about your mother’s death I still can’t get over the fact that we have lost another angel in this wretched world. I still remembered my heart slowed to a stop upon hearing the grim news. I hope you recover fast from your hellish situation for we all know a mother refuses to enter heaven leaving her children in such defeated state.
  • We have both vowed to one another to be on each other’s backs through the challenges that lies ahead in the future. Now that you have lost your mother, I know you fully well and have suffered greatly, too, upon the loss of your mother. You have me, brother, and I will never allow myself to break the vow I made with you.
  • The world cries in agony for having lost such a dear mother. I would like to reach out to you even though you don’t want to talk with anyone, please don’t lock your doors because I will do whatever I can to soothe your hurting heart. I will help you with fixing that broken heart of yours and I don’t care if my hands bleed in the process, for all I care is your recovery from your greatest sorrow.

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