Funny Get Well Soon Messages for a Colleague

At the time of the sickness or the ill health of a colleague, people send wishes, to cheer him or her up. Funny get well soon messages for a colleague are such type of messages that a sender sends to his or her colleague. Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Funny Get Well Soon Messages for a Colleague

  • Congratulations you are finally sick! You can now take off from the work for some days. Get well soon colleague!
  • Now when you are sick, you can finally get a royal treatment that you have longed for. Just kidding colleague, get well soon and return to work.
  • We are just too tired to handle your responsibilities of listening to boss’s orders and complaints. Get well soon and join the office.
  • Dearest colleague, boss was asking about you because he was waiting to take all his frustration out. You are an only one who can stand and listen to him all through. Get well really soon, we miss you.
  • Since you are not well, we are sending our congratulation wishes to you because you have got a reason to stay away from the irritating boss ever. Take your time and get well soon.
  • We are sending this get well soon wish to you because a beautiful, smart and sexy employee has just joined our department. Before you miss to hit on her, take best care and get well soon.
  • Falling sick is really a great opportunity to relax at home. Get well soon and take good care.
  • We are missing you for all those times when we used to send you to the boss for the complaints and the queries. Get well soon, we miss your presence.
  • You have never had any attention at your work place but we are sure that you must be gaining enough attention at your home, all this phase. Dearest colleague, get back to the works. Get well soon.
  • Dear friend, you have finally got the time to relax at home. I know you must be feeling relived away from all the office chores. But still get well soon and join us back.
  • Dear friend, you will be sad to hear that all the happening parties in the office are organised these days when you are not well. So if you wish to enjoy the remaining ones, get well soon and come back.

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