Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Friends

At the time of someone’s sickness or ill health, messages, greetings and wishes are sent to cheer the person. These messages when are framed in a humorous tone and send to friends they are known as funny get well soon messages for friends. The tone, expression and the purpose of these messages is very casual and are sent to show your care and concern for the friends.

Sample Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Friends

  • Dear friend, we are missing the way you used to tease us. We are missing the way you used to create all the fuss. Please get well soon and get back to us.
  • Here is a gentle wish that you get better. Dearest friend, in the meantime, please maintain a suitable distance. Just kidding, we miss you.
  • Dear friend, with this sickness, you are turning more terrible. Before you turn to be worst, please get well soon. Take care.
  • Dear friend I hope you must be enjoying the company of the lovely nurses at the hospital. Good luck and get well soon.
  • We have always suggested you to stay neat and tidy. You did not listen to us and therefore you are infected with so many bacteria and virus. Dear friend, get well soon.
  • Dearest friend, now when you are sick, you are forced to be quarantined. At this time of your sickness, we wish to tell you that you just cannot kiss your boyfriend. Just joking, get well soon, we really miss you.
  • Doctors have advised you to take best care of yourself and stay on bed. The worst part is you are quarantined and you cannot have someone next. Take care and get well soon.
  • You are such a lazy bum. Get well soon, I am getting bore with your daily works and boss’s tantrums. Take good care, we miss you.
  • Since you are unwell, we are taking an advantage to talk to all of your girlfriends. They are showing their care and concern towards us too. Just kidding, please get well really soon. We are missing you.
  • We know why you are taking so much time to recover! Aunt told us that you love the nurse out there. Just joking, get well soon.
  • Dear friend, I know you must be having good time at home relaxing and watching TV. Now it’s too much and you need to be back to office, get well soon and join back.

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