Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Girlfriend

Get well soon wishes are sent to a person at the time of his or her sickness, to motivate him or her for a quick recovery. These wishes can be sent as SMS messages, get well soon greeting cards etc. Funny get well soon messages for girlfriend are such type of messages that can be sent to your girlfriend to deliver her with a humorous get well soon wish. The purpose of sending such get well soon wishes is to entertain your girlfriend at the time of her illness and to ease her pain with your funny and kind words.

Sample Funny Get well Soon Messages for Girlfriend

  • Darling you are ill because you have not met me for so many days. You are infected with lots and lots of bacteria as I have not cleaned your cheeks with my gentle kiss. Just kidding, get well soon, I miss you.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Since you are sick, you are quarantined. This simply means, I am not allowed to kiss you and you are not allowed to kiss me back too. Kidding, get well soon. I am thinking about you.[/notice]

  • Dearest girlfriend, doctors have advised you to stay on soft diet, till the time you get back to normal. Well this is a reminder to you that I am enjoying cakes and chocolates without you. Just joking, get well really soon.
  • I am sure that you are unwell because you are missing me so much. Doctors have advised not to come near to you but your medicine will be my gentle touch. I think you are in need of a HUGacetamol and KISSsprin. Just kidding, get well soon my love!
  • Whenever I think to hug you, I stop myself thinking that you will smell of medicines. Just kidding, don’t be serious, I want you to get well really soon because I am really missing you.
  • Hey, you have got no rights to fall sick. You are my queen and you have to be strong. Take a kiss from me and that would be the best medicine. Get well soon.

[blockquote]Dearest girlfriend, do you know that I am celebrating my freedom? Just kidding, I am missing you and waiting for you to get well soon. I love you.[/blockquote]

  • Darling, I am sad and alone since you are sick. Can I and my friends go for a party tonight? Joking, I wanted you to smile. Get well soon.



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