Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Kids

It is important to boost and cheer the kids at the time of their ill health or sickness. Parents, friends, and family members send wishes and greetings to the kids who are not well. These wishes and messages are framed in a funny and a humorous tone to bring liveliness in kids. Such messages are called as funny get well soon messages for kids. The tone of such messages is kept simple and casual and can be sent along with a small get well soon present or a gift to a kid at the time of his or her illness.

Sample Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Kids

  • Dearest kid, since doctors have advised you to have healthy and nutritional diet, it is the time when I can come to your home and can have all the chocolates and the puddings kept on your table. Before I consume all, get well soon.
  • Dearest kid, we know that you are sick just because you have to go to school tomorrow. Do not worry; your homework had been done by your mom. Now take proper rest and get well really soon.
  • We have always asked you to bath and clean properly. Since you stay so untidy, bacteria and viruses keep on surrounding you. Dearest kid, get well really soon.
  • Dearest kid, you have promised me that you are my hero. Since heroes have no rights to stay sick, get well soon and come back to your action. Get well soon dear.
  • Dearest kid, all your classmates and batch mates are missing your mischievous activities. They are waiting to get teased from you. Please know that everyone at school is missing you, get well really soon.
  • All those chocolates, toffees, cakes and puddings that are kept in your refrigerator are missing you. Don’t you want to eat them? Get well soon and have good rest.
  • Dearest kid, if you want to replace the sour taste of all the medicines that you are taking with sweet taste of the chocolates, you just have to take good care of yourself for some time. Get well soon.
  • We promise that we are not going to send you school tomorrow, please get well soon.
  • If you wish to attend the party at the school next week you have to take care of yourself and get well soon.

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