Funny Get Well Wishes Messages

Whenever a person is unwell or not in the best of health, the best way to tell them that you care is by writing them a get well soon message. A get well soon messages lets the recipient feel that the sender is there for him/her and wishes him a speedy recovery. Funny get well wishes messages are thus those kinds of messages which are meant to wish some recovery in a funny or humorous way.  These messages can be sent via SMS or email or may even be sent through a greeting card.

The following are some of the samples of funny get well wishes messages that can be used by anyone for the purpose of reference.

Sample Funny Get Well Wishes Messages

  • It is true that illness affects a person physically, but in your case, it has also affected your sense of humor and taken all fun out of your life. So feel free to contact me for funny jokes and sarcastic comments. I am there for your service 24×7 dear friend. Stay blessed and get well soon real fast.

[blockquote]The world has become a dull place ever since you have married that stupid bed. May you divorce your bed and get back to living a normal and funny life. Get well soon and live a healthy life dear friend.[/blockquote]

  • Dear John, I am jealous of all the nurses and beautiful doctors that come to see you every day. I want you to get well soon so that I can see you more than anyone else. Please be fine and get away from bad influences of the hospital.
  • Ever since your accident, you have been on bed rest and mind has gone into a state of unrest. So get up from their real fast and come join me in the adventures of life once again. I know you are dying to get yourself into trouble once again so please recover quickly.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Get well soon dear sister as the entire house seems empty without your stupidities and an extremely irritating voice. The house is quite and there is no one for us to scold. Come home fast.[/notice]

  • When I heard the news of yet another broken bone of yours, I was not sad but felt that this was meant to happen. The springs in your body don’t let you rest so please get well soon.

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