Get Well Soon Messages for a Depressed Friend

We should be thankful for the friends who have been with us through thick and thin for it was them whom we took shelter from a storm that devastated ourselves. As a friend we are driven to help our friends, especially if we can sense that they are in the brink of being consumed from their issues be it personal or not. There are many ways to help a friend out in saving them from depression. Writing a sincere message will be greatly helpful in reaching them out especially when they do not feel to be personally talked with their issues. With the help of these powerful messages found in the article you can reach out to your friend who is suffering from depression for them to help overcome it. These messages can be personally handed over written in a card, or you can send it via social media sites or text messaging.

  • Hey, you have been missing a lot of sunrises and sunsets. Both deserve to be witnessed by you. Come with me and together let’s enjoy the beauty of nature. Let me do every thing I can to recover the original you.


  • Whatever it is that you are going through right now, you need only whisper my name and I’ll be there immediately. Don’t keep your problems on your own, share it with me and together we’l find ways to overcome them. I wish you’ll recover fast from that state.


  • As your best friend, it breaks my heart to see you grieve over some thing that I’m completely oblivious about. Please share your problems with me and I’ll do whatever I can to see you cast a splitting grin on your face again. No friend is ever happy when the other is battling a losing war.


  • If you have some time to raise a toast over personal issues, always remember I’m only a call away. We can talk about it so that the weigh on your shoulders will be reduced. I miss your peal of laughter every time we hang out, the language of silence you speak sends chills to my spine because I know you’re losing yourself in battling your foes. As your friend I’d like to volunteer myself in participating in your issues so that I may help you win your personal war. Seeing you fully recovered is my only wish right now.


  • If you don’t feel like being helped out, well guess what I’ll be here to help you out no matter the gravity of your problem. If your battle is that hard then please call me to arms because I don’t want to be depressed by seeing you defeated over your depression. Please call me without hesitation and without thinking that it might consume some of my precious time because to me you are more precious than time, and saving you from your issues is definitely worth my time.


  • Whatever it is that you are going through always know that I am always rooting for you to win over it, but if winning is really hard and requires some help from some one allow me to be the first one in line whom you should call.

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