Get Well Soon Messages for a Sick Friend

Get well soon messages for a sick friend are the messages that are sent to your friends out of worry, to let him know that you are there with him. These messages are framed with a tone of care and concern for a friend and are expressive of a get well soon wish. Some samples of the messages are given below.

Samples Get Well Soon Messages for a Sick Friend

  • Hey dear friend, I am waiting to see your smile. I am really sad for you because you are feeling sick all this while. Please take proper rest and get well soon. I really miss you.
  • Dearest friend, we are missing you during the classroom lectures and we are missing you at the grounds. Please recover from your illness and get well soon because your health is worth a million pounds. Take care.
  • I am sending these messages to you so that you smile for a little while. Doctors have advised that the best cure for a sickness is to laugh and smile. Take care of yourself dearest friend; you are in my thoughts all the time.
  • If you need anything, just give me a call without thinking. Your health is as important to me as it is to you, I am sure that you are going to recover in a day or two. Get well really soon.
  • At the time of your sickness, I want to be your friend who will stand next to you till the end. It is with fight and not with a fright that you can overcome your sickness. I am waiting for you to get well soon so that you can return with a great happiness. Get well soon dear friend.
  • Let my wishes heal all the pain and my love acts as a pill for you. Please know that I am thinking about you. Dearest friend, get well really soon.
  • Dearest friend, you have stolen all the limelight, isn’t it? Please know that many people are thinking and praying for you to get well soon. Take proper bed rest and timely medicines, we all are missing you.
  • Dear friend, we all are missing you a lot at the college. Get well soon and join us back.
  • When you are not here in the school nothing seems to be fine. Get well soon my dear friend. We all miss you a lot.

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