Get well Soon Messages for friend Daughter

When a person is ill or has fallen sick, he/she doesn’t only need treatment but also the good blessings of people to recover. This is where get well soon messages are important. Get well soon messages for friend’s daughter are the types of get well soon messages which someone writes to wish ‘get well soon’ to the daughter of a friend. These messages can be sent through SMS, with a card or even through an email. The following are some samples.

Sample get well soon messages for friend’s daughter:

  • Dear Stephanie, I know your little daughter Jenny is unwell and I am so worried about her. I hope it is nothing serious and that she is on a recovery mode. Please give her my love and my heartfelt blessings.
  • Dear Fendy, it is so sad to hear that you have fallen sick, darling. Hope you get well soon and beat the bad fever with all the angel powers that you have. Love you dear and I will come visit you soon.
  • May the fairy from the heavens take away your pain and help you to get well really soon so that you, me and mama can go to the park and enjoy ourselves like we do everyday. Love you darling, may god bless you.
  • Get well soon dear Jennifer and auntie will then bring you many chocolates and toys. I hope you fight off the disease with all energy that you have.
  • My Dolly is very strong and brave. Dear girl, please get well soon and auntie doesn’t like looking at you in bed but bubbling with energy in the park, in the school and in the pool.
  • Dear Jenny, your daughter is sick and I pray to god to bless her with a speedy recovery. Please take care of her and make sure she gets the best treatment.
  • Paula, it is so sad to know that your lovely little daughter has fallen ill. I am sure she is a strong child who will fight off the infection fast and get well soon.
  • Whenever a child falls sick, one star from the heavens falls. I hope your daughter gets well soon so that she and I can go and play in the park again. I will try to come visit her as soon as I can.
  • Get well soon my favourite little princess.

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