Get Well Soon Messages for Friend’s Father

Get well soon messages for friend’s father are the messages that are sent by a sender to his friend’s father to deliver a get well soon wish. It is a kind gesture to express your care and affection towards a friend’s family member, at the time of their sickness. Some samples of the messages are given below.

Sample Get Well Soon Messages for Friend’s Father

  • Uncle, Fred told me that you are not feeling fine. Through this message, I want to let you know that I am thinking about you all this time. Please get well soon, Fred is really worried for you.
  • My dearest friend Bob told me about your ill health. Uncle, please take care of your health all this while, the best cure of any sickness is to maintain your laughter and to continue to smile. Please get well really soon.
  • Harry has always stated the evidences of you being a perfect father. He told us that you are not well and are not feeling good. Through this message, I want to tell you that we are remembering you in our thoughts and prayers. Please get well soon.
  • We know from our dearest friend that you are a great father to him. We were sad to hear about your sickness. Please take proper rest and get well soon.
  • Uncle we missed your presence when George called us home yesterday. He said that you are not feeling well and is suffering from high fever. Please get well soon.
  • Leo always feels proud to have a father like you. While we were sitting in the canteen, he told us that you are not feeling good. He discussed about your sickness. Through this message, we wish to convey our wishes so that you get well really soon.
  • Uncle, we have always appreciated you for your responsibilities and love for us. Not just a friend’s father, you have loved us like our own father. We got to know about your ill health and we are sad to hear the same. Please take good care of you, get well really soon.
  • Get well soon uncle. We are looking forward to visit you.
  • Dear uncle you are not only an inspiration for Harry but all his friends as well. At this time when you are not felling well we all are really worried about you and pray to God for your speedy recovery. Get well soon!!

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