Get Well Soon Messages to Wife

Get well soon messages to wife are sent by the husband to show his love, concern and to wish speedy recovery from bad health and ailment. Such a message works great to liven up the spirits of the wife.

Sample Get Well Soon Messages to Wife

  • If I could do a magic, would just sweep away all the illness off you and make your day brighter than yesterday. Wish you a speedy recovery dear wife.
  • If my wishes can help your recover, here is a bunch of them in all the colors to give back your colorful days. Have a quick recovery loving wife.
  • There can be no better mother than you are now, and there can be no better wife to have been brave and gone through this labor with courage. Wish to see you back on track soon dear.
  • I should be grateful to you for the pain you underwent for us to see our little bundle of joy, and feel those tiny toes in our arms, Wish you a very speedy recovery dear.
  • I know you have already started feeling better. Get well soon, and lets go back home.
  • All my messages are coated with love and lots of love, this can cure your illness very quickly and help you in your speedy recovery loving wife.
  • Can’t get a better person to take care of me, so come back to your original form quickly and help me in getting better. Get well soon dear wife.
  • [blockquote]Why you choose a wrong time to get sick, Seems you try to be insensitive to me, so you do not be selfish and recover from your injuries soon! Dear Darling! I am praying for your good health to God! Get Well Soon![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]It is such a sad experience staying without you at home; I am missing the each fight we had! But, I know you will come back home and recover soon! Get well soon my dearest wife![/blockquote]
  • My Sweetheart! Close your eyes, Feel the ray of my love on your face! And listen to your heart saying you will get well soon!
  • [blockquote]Difficulties never come to destroy you! But to help you! Just realize the hidden potential & power in you! Get Well Soon my Dear Wife![/blockquote]

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