Serious Get Well Soon Messages

Expressing our deepest concern and sympathy to the recovering friend can be best done by sending a serious get well soon message. It not only conveys are feelings but also hasten up the recovery. Such messages are generally sent with a box of sweets and a bunch of flowers.

Sample Serious Get Well Soon Messages

  • I know that you are unwell. To make you fine, I wish I had that magical spell. All this while, I am thinking about you, I just wish that you get well really soon. Take care, I miss you dear.
  • It is a serious matter of concern that you are not being able to recover speedily. Please take timely medicines and have proper bed rest so that you get well soon quickly. Please know that we are missing you, please get well soon.
  • I was shocked to hear about your illness. Please know that we are waiting for you to get well soon so that you can return back with happiness. This is the time when you should take utmost care of yourself, get well soon.
  • We just have one wish that you get well really soon. Dearest friend, we all are missing your presence and we miss playing under the moon. You have always given us the moments of joy, laughter and fun, get well really soon, there are happier and healthier days to come.
  • It is really sad to heart about your accident. Our good wishes and prayers are there with you. Get well soon !!
  • I pray for your steady and speedy recovery. You will always have my support in your times of illness.
  • [blockquote]It so sad to see a healthy person like you falling ill. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.[/blockquote]
  • I advise you to take a good care of yourself. Don’t forget to take the medicines on time. Get well soon my friend.
  • Hope to see you back in the office with improved and better health. Do not stress yourself and take adequate rest.
  • Your illness came as a shock to me. Hoping to see you back on your feet.
  • With the blessings of almighty you will get well soon. Wish you a healthy life ahead.
  • [blockquote]Have a healthy and quick recovery time. Eagerly waiting to see you in the best of your health.[/blockquote]
  • I pray that you win this fight against your sickness. Stay blessed and healthy.

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