Funny Birthday Gift Messages

To cheer someone on his or her birthday, the best way is to send funny birthday gift messages. These are the witty and the humorous messages that are framed in such a way that it conveys a funny thought to a person on his or her birthday. These gift messages are sent along with a gift to the birthday boy/girl.

Sample Funny Birthday Gift Messages

  • I have sent this birthday present to you because in return I want a big party from you. On this birthday, do not feel uncomfortable to disclose your age to everyone, accept the fact that you are getting older. Happy birthday!
  • Since it is your birthday, I will prefer not to make any age related jokes on you. It is because I already feel pity on how old are you. Just joking, it is your birthday time and we want to pass this day with all the glitters and the chime. Happy birthday!
  • This year, the cakes on your candle are so many that I have sent a fire extinguisher along with your birthday cake. Let’s all celebrate you birthday in the most loving way. Wish you a blessed day!
  • Wishing a very happy birthday to you. It looks like you live in a zoo. You closely resemble like a monkey because you smell like him too. May all your dreams come true!
  • On your birthday, I have planned not to send you the gift that you have longed for. Happy birthday!
  • It is your birthday, when you should not count the number of blessings that you are receiving but the wrinkles that you are getting. Happy birthday, GOD bless you!
  • I have arranged a special venue for your birthday party as it will be too hot with the number of candles on your cake. Happy aging dear friend, happy birthday.
  • Dear friend, just smile as long as you have your teeth. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  • Dear friend, this birthday I am going to help you by not adding to the list of unwanted gifts by not getting any gifts at all. Wish you a very happy birthday !!!
  • Do you know what is that one thing that always goes up and never comes down? It’s your age.. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear friend.
  • You know you are the wisest men among all of us because wisdom comes with age. Happy Birthday!!

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