Funny Wedding Gift Card Messages

Wedding day is an auspicious ceremony that unites two people in the bond of love and care. Wedding day is accompanied by friend’s wishes, family member’s greetings and presents. On such an occasion, people may also send funny wedding gift card messages. These are the funny gift card messages that congratulate a couple on their wedding in a funny and a humorous way. These message cards are sent along with a card and will surely bring smile on the face of the couple.

Sample Funny Wedding Gift Card Messages

  • We are sure that during your courtship period, you both must have been madly in love with each other. Now when you are married, we wish you all the best because it is the time when you will be mad at each other. Congratulations on your wedding! Sending a small gift loaded with our best wishes.
  • You wanted to know what does late night parties; night outs and hanging out with friends have in common? I have got an answer for you. From now onwards, you won’t be able to do any one of these. Congratulations on your wedding! Gifting you a photo album of our college days so that you can enjoy at least watching the pictures.
  • Till now, you have ruled in the circus of your life by being a brave lion. Now when you are married, your wife would be a circus master and it is the time when you will be treated like domesticated cat. Congratulations on your wedding and all the best.
  • On your wedding day, I want to take an opportunity to tell you that it won’t be your option to say “I DO”, because you will have do to  everything, anyways! Congratulations on your wedding!
  • Now when you are sacredly tied to your partner, you should actually practice saying YES to everything, even when you desire to say a NO. Good luck for your married life, heartiest congratulations!
  • We would like to welcome our buddy to his married life. With us you have always refused to take a holiday because it was too expensive? We want to see you how will manage with the demands and shopping list of your wife. Congratulations on your wedding dear friend!
  • Welcome to the world of marriage my friend. Sending our good luck wishes for your married life as you will surely need them.

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