Gift Card Messages for Children

Children finds it really exciting and thrilling when they are being given a gift on their birthday or any other occasion. Along with a gift, messages are also written by the sender and these are known as gift card messages for children. These types of messages must be framed in an easy language so that it can be understood by the children.  Some samples of gift card messages for children are given below.

Sample Gift Card Messages for Children

  • Dearest son, because you are so naughty and you are so mischievous, we want you to celebrate your day with us. We have sent this birthday gift on your way, so that you will see it every day. Have a blessed day, happy birthday!
  • You surely deserve heart full of appreciation. Dearest child, your success surely calls for great celebrations. As a token of appreciation, I want to send a gift to you, may all of your dreams come true. Congrats and GOD bless you!
  • Dearest child, I am sure that this gift will make you feel happy and exciting. I have sent it with lots of love and divine blessings. Hope you will like what I selected for you; please accept this gift that has been sent to you.
  • Dearest son, you have always been a source of our laughter, happiness and joy. I was longing to gift something to you and have packed your favorite toy. I hope you will love to play with it.
  • I am sending lots of coloring books, animated cards and playing objects for you on your birthday. With that, I am packing my immense love, care and blessings and all these are being sent your way. Have a blessed day, happy birthday!
  • Since the day is near, I want to fill you with a great cheer. Dearest child, hope you like the Christmas greetings and presents that I am sending your way, have a blessed and an exciting Christmas Day!
  • Dearest son, as you will open this gift; I want to see the smile on your face. I have packed the toy that you wanted to have and I am sure you are going to embrace. With this gift, I am conveying my love and greetings to your place, stay happy and joyous always.
  • This lovely gift is for the most lovely child on his birthday !!! Have a great day and enjoy yourself.

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