Gift Card Messages for Girlfriend

It is important that a person should write few words of love and appreciation when he decides to gift a present to his girlfriend. Such messages when are framed and sent along with a gift are called as gift card messages for girlfriend. These types of messages must convey the heartfelt feelings of the sender.

Sample Gift Card Messages for Girlfriend

  • If I can tell you, I will let you know that I have so much love for you to show. The day when you entered my life was the day when you made me experience the moments of paradise. I love you dearest girlfriend.
  • You are a person who was always there to understand. I have full faith in you that you will be with me till the very end.  Love you the most my dear girlfriend. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses with this gift.
  • Distance doesn’t matter when you have already taken my heart. I will always love you, no matter you are near or apart.
  • I wish to tell you how deeply do I love you, but the space would fall less and the words would appear so few. Your presence is what I really value, you are a dream come true.  Love you.
  • Not just a girlfriend to me, you are my wife to-be. I wish to give you all the happiness of the world; I will give you lots and lots of love. I adore you and you are a blessing send from GOD above.
  • You are a reason of my living. Your presence is surely a divine blessing. I wish to hug you so tight; your presence adds lights to my life. I love you!
  • With you, every day begins with love and care. I feel blessed to have you and with you I have so much love to share. Please know that I will love you now and forever.
  • To me you are so dear; I wish to always keep you near. You mean my life to me, with you, I feel so happy and glee. I love you.
  • I simply love the way you love me. I cherish the day when YOU and I became WE. I will love you all through my life; I have a dream to make you my wife. Sending my love for you with this small gift.

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