Gift Card Messages for New Baby Boy

Greetings, gifts and blessings are sent to the parents and the family members when a baby is born. Gift card messages for new baby boy are those messages that are sent along with the gift on the birth of a baby boy. These messages must be framed using happing and exciting words to congratulate the parents and other family members. These messages can also convey good wishes to the new born baby.

 Sample Gift Card Messages for New Baby Boy

  • From bottle to bibs and from diapers to toys, we are sending this gift message for your new baby boy. We congratulate you for the years with him, and we wish that you be surrounded with eternal happiness and joy. Congratulations!!!
  • Heartiest congratulations for giving birth to such an adorable baby boy. Be ready to enjoy his alternate laughter and cries. Please accept the diaper cake that we have sent your way, may you and your baby stay happy always.
  • Let me take this opportunity to welcome your new bundle of joy. I am so happy that you have given birth to such a sweet little baby boy. With all my love, I am sending this little toy. I am sure that you are going to endlessly enjoy. Congratulations for your baby boy.
  • I am sending my love and wishes for your new one. We are sure that your new baby boy will add happiness and fun. Please accept the baby present that I have sent for him. Congratulations and accept our best wishes.
  • I would like to congratulate the new parents on the birth of a baby prince. With this gift card, I wish all the best for him. May you and your baby stay happy all the while, may he give you endless moments to smile. Congratulations for your new baby boy!
  • Sending oceans of love and blessings for new baby boy. With this gift card message, please know that he will be a new bundle of joy. We congratulate you on such happy news, may you have joyous moments all through.
  • Step by step, the journey of the little one will go on; little by little, he will become so fond. Congratulations for your new baby boy! Sending lots of love to the baby.
  • This gift comes wrapped with tons of love for the sweet little baby boy!! Congratulations for your new bundle of joy.

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