Gift Messages for the Truest of Lovers

Gift messages are the messages sent along with the gift that the giver gives someone who is dear to him or her, especially if they’re true lovers. Our true love is someone who reminds what a beautiful life it is despite the rainy days that comes along. Giving them gifts as an expression of how deep your affection is one way of keeping her especially if you think that your relationship can last for only too long, but you want to last it for a lifetime.¬†

If you find yourself in trouble with constructing the perfect words together or your thoughts are stars not fitting into a constellation, then reading this sample gift messages for this article will help you with. You no longer need to force your mind to be romantic,especially if your mind is so busy with handling your daily stress. Just choose which of these messages that fits your lover and the gift best so that you will witness her face brighten even more. If you see the chance in changing some phrases and words, you may definitely do that since the messages you find below are for free which means on copy right issue or whatsoever. We recommend that you have this message handwritten or printed in a form of letter since this boasts the effort you exerted. In changing some words and phrases, be very careful in doing so for you to get the right tone and that you will not be misinterpreted. The tone should be romantic, caring, affectionate, or add a little humor in it.

  • This box present before you signifies the infinite dimensions of my love for you. You have been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and my gratitude are mountains of debts which a lifetime can never repay. I hope this gift brings you happiness for seeing you happy already completes my lifetime. Let me relish in this love of ours even if this lifetime is too short to live its best. I love you, darling.


  • What a happy fate it is for me and I thank the maker of all things for he has merged your story along with mine. I am utterly in love with you that I cannot afford to buy a thought of you walking out of my life and defying the fate that the gods have written for us both. Let this not be a tragic love for I have no longer the heart to witness another heartbreak, rather let this relationship last forever as what the makers in heaven desire it. Let me love you till death we part, and continue to love you in the afterlife. Receive my gift with all your heart and this will suffice the insatiable hunger of my heart.


  • I still find it unbelievable that I have obtained the heart of an angel when all I have ever shown you is what a failure am I and open the possibilities about how to fail a particular subject. I think I am your karma that you are bound to live the rest of your life with. You must have done an awful enough sin that God brought me to you as a means of punishment. Having said that I’m a failure and have failed gloriously everyday, I do think that I am a very good karma doing what a karma should, although you seem to laugh as if I’m the misery you were looking for a long, long time. Anyway, love, I want to give you this gift as my gratitude for treating me like the prince that I am and for looking out for me even if you have something important to attend to. I love you so much.


  • Before you open this gift I want to tell you what a lucky man I have been since the day I caught a glimpse of your face in the most bizarre corners of town. I couldn’t help it but forced myself to be a man and approach you. I had visions that I would grovel in regret and embarrassment form that day onward, but my visions were wrong for the goddess of fortune was at my side. I may be lacking in qualities compared to the leading men books we read but with you I feel that I’m the richest and epitome of male beauty. None of this world’s malignancy is strong enough to discourage me in living life for it only takes a sight of you for me to live my life at its fullest. Thank you and I love you.


  • Hello, darling, I know that I’m a sucker when it comes to surprises but I hope my attempt to this surprise would turn out great. This gift I will give you is merely half of a dot of the size of my immeasurable affection for you. It’s not much but I know you well enough that you are going to love what’s inside the box. I love you so much dearest.


  • At my first thoughts I found it a little odd if it is necessary to give you a gift when you are already a heavenly sent gift to me. Gift-ception? Darling, I want to thank those who possess such beautiful mind and act that brought you here in the world for you have grant me the all the wishes in my and even the wishes I thought I would never wish for. I want to please you for as long as I live and I truly hope that giving you this present cracks a smile on your beautiful face. I love you.


  • A warning before you open this gift, this is not one of my pranks that I do to you on a daily basis and, although I have not pranked you as of today, trust me this is not one of my pranks. This is rather the sincerity of the certainty of¬†feelings for you. I think this is the right time to tell you that I truly love you even if you are too violent each time you fall for my pranks. Please receive this gift of mine with nothing but your loving heart. I love you forever.

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